ICTC in collaboration with Bloom Digital MediaRiipen and EA Sports has kicked off our fist Narrative Game Contest which was hosted at Magee Secondary School in Vancouver.

FIRST PLACE PRIZE: A free video game for each team member from Game Developer EA Sports(max 6 students per team)

Deadline for submissions: Monday, December 16that 6pm EST

Here is how you can participate:

Step 1: Create a team with a maximum of 6 members

Step 2: The team leader will sign up on the Riipen Platform

Step 3: Complete this Google Form so that we can validate your participation with your teacher (and send the winning team their prize)

Step 4: Watch THIS VIDEO by Executive Producer of Bloom Digital Media, Miriam Verburg, on how to create a Narrative Game.

Step 5: Play some of these games to get some experience with Narrative Games: Bury me my loveAmerican ElectionData Center AttackTwo Interviewees.

Step 6: Create your Narrative Game using Twine. Watch THIS VIDEO for a quick tutorial or go to THIS WEBSITE for more resources. (Pro tip: Use THIS CHEATSHEET)

Step 7: Publish your HTML5 file on Twine.

Step 8: Submit your Twine file on the Riipen Platform and wait for the judges to give your team feedback and choose the winning team.


Teams need to demonstrate the following:

5 points – Creation of an interesting and engaging storyworld

5 points – Identifying an issue that is relevant and impacting your own community

10 points – Using Twine to create a branching narrative that presents more than one point of view.

5 points – Grammar, language, use of the twine tool.

5 points – Bonus points for inventiveness.


Total points to be won in this challenge: 30

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